Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Antioxidants are molecules that neutralize free radicals and slow or prevent the cell damage in the body that free radicals can cause. The patented FRS formula contains quercetin, a powerful, all-natural antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables. Other powerful antioxidants such as green tea, vitamins B, C, and E work synergistically with quercetin to combat the negative impact of free radicals. The term for these antioxidants the action associated with them is Free Radical Scavengers which is what FRS stands for.

Yes, some FRS products contain a small amount of caffeine, a similar caffeine level to 1.5 to 4oz of coffee which is derived from green tea. To determine if a specific product contains caffeine, please refer to the ingredients list or supplement facts on the product itself. We also have details here on each product.

As of July 2014, at, all products contain caffeine. If you are seeking a caffeine free product, you can still purchase the remaining caffeine free products while supplies last at

FRS® uses a variety: cane sugar, brown rice syrup, sucralose and/or stevia depending on the products. Please view the ingredients list for the specific FRS® product to determine what sweetner(s) were used in that specific product or click here to compare

Stevia is a natural sweetener (that some consumers prefer) with little to no caloric value that is two to three hundred times sweeter than sugar. We use only the Rebaudioside A form of stevia (FDA approved). Stevia is used in Strawberry Kiwi and Orange cans and all soft chews.

Sucralose is an artificial non-nutritive sweetener that has been recognized and approved as safe in the US and around the world. It is used in the low calorie versions of FRS products - Low Cal - concentrates, cans and powders.We offer these low calorie products to meet various nutritional and dietary needs. Our Low Cal products offer customers a means to monitor their caloric intake while still enjoying the healthy benefits of sustained energy.

Acesulfame Potassium and Sucralose are artificial non-nutritive sweeteners. Both have been recognized and approved as safe in the US and around the world.

Our regular orange concentrate contains cane sugar. Please see the ingredients list on the product label for the specific FRS product.

Our soft chews contain brown rice syrup. It is a natural sweetener and an alternative to high fructose corn syrup.

Dextrose is a natural sweetener. It is a simple sugar found in our products that contain the ingredient, "white grape juice".

See the ingredients list on the label for specific FRS products. However, we offer lower calorie options that are also naturally sweetened with stevia to keep the calories low and the flavor good: soft chews (40 calories per serving) and Strawberry Kiwi and Orange cans (80 calories).

Our products contain 100% of your Recommended Daily Value (RDV) for seven essential vitamins including vitamins C, E, and five B vitamins. These are reflected in the Supplemental Facts Panel and Ingredients List on all our products.

Our Healthy Protein drinks contain premium whey protein isolates as whole protein so there are no amino acids by themselves.

Our only product that contains any corn are the soft chews, which do contain corn starch. No other FRS products contain corn products.

Our Healthy Protein beverages are the only products that contain whey protein isolate which is derived from milk.

Our Healthy Protein would contain a maximum of 0.7 grams of Lactose per 12oz bottle.

All of our ready to drink cans and concentrates contain about 3% white grape juice In addition, Low Cal Peach Mango cans and concentrates also contain both mango puree and orange juice while Orange and Low Cal Orange concentrates also contain orange juice.

Yes. FRS is a patented formula containing, Quercetin, green tea extract and seven essential vitamins. Together these ingredients work by naturally triggering your cells' ability to produce sustained energy.

Yes, some FRS products contain trace amounts of glycerin. The glycerin is a by-product of Palm Oil and would be listed on the ingredient statement.

No. FRS products do not contain MSG.

We use phosphoric acid to lower the pH of our Healthy Protein beverages to bring tartness to the taste and to meet our safety requirements for the beverage. Phosphoric acid is a very common ingredient in beverages.

Healthy Protein contains 840mg of phosphorus. No other FRS products contain phosphorus.

Our Healthy Protein and Healthy Energy Soft chews both contain Soy Lechithin.

Inulin is a naturally occurring dietary fiber produced by many types of plants. Inulin is used as a processing aid to help keep the Quercetin in suspension in our beverages. It is in our ready to drink cans and concentrates.

Our protein beverages contain whey protein isolate - derived from milk.

Most all of FRS products are the natural color of Quercetin which is yellow. Some of our products contain natural coloring like the soft chews. Our ”Low Cal” powders contain synthetic coloring. FRS always strives to produce the highest quality of products and will continue to evaluate ways to improve our products.

Yes. We offer an array of products to accommodate a variety of lifestyle choices and nutritional needs. If you are specifically seeking our lowest calorie content available in a certain product line, please refer to the total calories per serving on the supplement facts to see if the product is within your preferred range or look for the term "low calorie" or "low cal" on the cans, concentrates and powders or click here

All FRS® products have less than 1 gram of fat, except Healthy Protein, which has 1 gram.

As part of a healthy lifestyle, knowing the sodium levels on products you consume is important. All of our products are low in sodium and the following are examples of sodium levels in our products:
Healthy Energy cans and bottles: 1 mg
Healthy Protein: 36mg

See the Supplement Facts table for the specific FRS product. We have included this information on each product page.

While we support a healthy active lifestyle, FRS does not currently list Weight Watchers points. However, you can calculate the points from the supplement facts table on our products.

Yes. FRS is considered a dietary supplement under FDA rules

All of the FRS flavors are derived from natural food sources and most all contain natural coloring with the exception of our low calorie powders.

Our products are not certified Kosher.

All FRS products are considered vegan with the exception of Healthy Protein. (The Vitamin E in our products is natural. Sourced from soy/rapeseed oil.)

All FRS products are vegetarian with the exception of Healthy Protein.

While we support a healthy active lifestyle, FRS does not currently list Weight Watchers points. However, you can calculate the points from the supplement facts table on our products.

Our products are not NSF certified.

FRS products are not certified organic.

All FRS products are gluten free including FRS Healthy Protein.

Some FRS products are non-GMO and this would be reflected on the front or back/side of product near the Supplement Facts.

We recommend consuming 1-3 servings of FRS® products per day - one in the morning and another in the afternoon and whenever you need extra energy.

If you are excercising for example, we recommend consuming FRS® products 30-45 minutes prior to starting to exercise for best results.

If you are using FRS® Healthy Protein, which contains premium whey protein isolate, you can consume this before and/or within one hour after working out. Premium whey protein isolate is known for its quick absorption and effectiveness to muscle recovery and overall muscle health. Consume 30 to 45 minutes before your workout and/or immediately after your workout allows your muscles to recovery quickly.

You can safely consume FRS® any time, including at meals.

We recommend 1-3 servings per day. You can adjust this based on your lifestyle, caloric requirements and activity levels.

Quercetin is one of the most common flavonoids in the diet and is found in many fruits and vegetables, so almost everyone consumes small quantities of quercetin as part of their normal diets, about six mg per day on average. A serving of FRS has between 250 and 325 mg. Quercetin is readily digested and metabolized in the body.

An expert analysis found that there is no known toxicity level for quercetin. For those sensitive to stimulation, start with 1 serving per day and work up to the recommended 2-3 servings per day. Many individuals and pro athletes drink 3+ servings per day.

We offer a line of products that work together to support various functions. All FRS products contain our patented FRS formula which provides long lasting energy, immune system support, increased mental focus and muscle recovery after excercise. All FRS products can be used together. FRS Energy + Endurance products provide natural sustained energy and endurance while Healthy Protein provides the same benefits plus contains Whey Protein Isolate to help muscles rebuild, repair and recover pre and post workout.

We recommend chilling all drinks and concentrates before consumption for an optimal tasting experience. Once opened, please refrigerate.

FRS was not made to withstand high temperatures so we do not recommend heating FRS products. Instead, you may add the powders to hot water and mix. Or you can add FRS after said recipe has been heated.

Soft chews are ok to freeze. We do not recommend freezing other products.

FRS products are not only enjoyable but also safe. All of our ingredients are classified "GRAS" (Generally Regarded As Safe) under FDA rules. Should you have a special medical condition or concern, we always recommend consulting with your doctor or medical care professional before consuming our products if you have any health concerns.

If you have a medical condition that requires medication or are under a physician's care - before consuming FRS, we advise you to consult with your medical care professional by showing them the product ingredients/supplement facts of the product of interest. These are available at

We recommend that pregnant women or nursing mothers consult with their medical care professionals before consuming FRS products as FRS products contain antioxidants and a small amount of caffeine.

FRS products are not recommended for infants or young children under the age of 12-14. Always get parental or guardian approval prior to serving FRS products to teenagers because some products contain a small amount of caffeine. The caffeine content is shown on the label. When present, the amount of caffeine is similar to only about 1.5 -4oz of coffee depending on the product form.

We recommend consuming all FRS products within 3 weeks of their best by date shown on the label. The best by date can be located on the bottom, side or neck of the product. The best by date is not an expiration date but the date by which we recommend consuming the product for the ideal tasting experience. You can consume these products for up to 3-4 weeks beyond the best by date.

While FRS products are safe and healthy, when it comes to any medical condition that requires medication or is under a physician's care - before consuming FRS, we advise you to consult with your medical care professional by showing them the product ingredients/supplement facts which are available on on each product page.

FRS products contain Quercetin which is naturally yellow. Therefore FRS ready to drink products including concentrates, cans and bottles are yellow in color. Subtle browning can naturally occur in some ready to drink products due to oxidation (much like once an apple is cut, it can start to brown, but it's safe to consume).

In FRS ready to drink products, sedimentation is due to certain natural ingredients such as Quercetin falling out of suspension. It is completely natural and nothing to be alarmed about. This is why you shake or stir the product before consuming. It is similar to when you need to shake orange juice or stir tea before consuming.

FRS products were originally developed to provide healthy sustained energy. Some may feel the benefits of FRS® products right away. For others, it may take a few times to see the benefits of regular use. Unlike many other “energy drinks” or products formulated with high amounts of caffeine or sugar or chemicals, FRS® products are not intended to create a "high", "crash" or "jitters". Instead, FRS® works at the cellular level to produce natural sustained energy so you don’t experience the “dips” or run low on energy.

There are over 10,000 scientific studies on the benefits of quercetin, to review a few click here

FRS has improved products over time for an enhanced tasting experience based on consumer feedback.

For new customers only, we offer a one -time Starter Kit, "The Dicovery Pack" where you can try our best sellers at a fraction of the cost and save up to 30%! To learn more, click here

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer product donations or event, individual or professional sponsorships. While we fully support our community and FRS Champions in healthy activities and causes and appreciate you considering FRS as part of this event, we are not accepting any sponsorship applications.

FRS contains seven essential vitamins and the all natural antioxidant, Quercetin, so there are mild natural aromas that you may detect but they pose no issue. We always recommend chilling and shaking or stirring any of the beverage products before consumption for the ideal tasting experience.

These small black particles do not impact taste but are part of the natural process for the quercetin. They are sporadic but of no harm or impact to the taste or function of the beverage. This is not mold or a defect in production but a natural and small sporadic occurrence of the process.

FRS products do not undergo animal testing.

FRS began as an acronym for Free Radical Scavenger, but now it is simply the name of our product and our company.

FRS Energy + Endurance products come in a variety of forms and serving sizes. Click here to see all

FRS Healthy Protein is an award winning product and one of our top sellers. Unlike other protein beverages, our product offers a smoother, lighter feel.

We use the highest grade and purity of quercetin and so sometimes it can stain your clothes. We recommend blotting your clothes with water or taking to the dry cleaner in the exceptional event this happens.

Money Back Guarantee: The FRS Company stands behind its products. If you're not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can return the products for a full refund of the purchase price minus any shipping and handling charges if you notify FRS Customer Service at 877.377.4968 or on-line at within 20 days of the order date. We will not accept or issue a refund for any packages marked “Return to sender” or “Refused” or if a refund is requested after the above stated timeframes. Returns: If you need to return an item, please notify Customer Service within 30 days of the order date. We will provide a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number to get the process started. 1) Write your RMA number on this packing list, along with a reason for the return 2) Send us the unused product, along with this packing list 3) Write your RMA Number on the outside of the box 4) Mail it to the address listed above where it says: “Ship From”. You must return the product within 30 days of receiving your RMA Number. We recommend that you ship the product using a mail service that can track and confirm delivery. Please allow up to four weeks to process this refund. We will not accept or issue a refund for any packages marked “Return to sender” or “Refused.”

We want FRS to be a part of your daily health and wellness regimen. So if buying FRS at a store nearest you works best or having the convenience of home delivery is more convenient and easy, we're here for you! We sell FRS in high volumes to various retailers so you too can get FRS at a store near you or if you don't see a flavor you like or want to buy FRS in larger quantities, FRS.COM offers you every product and size configuration available and delivers right to your door step!

We offer promotions to enable customers the opportunity to stock up on their favorite products or to try something new. If we offer a clearance sale on a product either because we are discontinuing that version or it is short dated, we typically list the best by date on the product page.

Due to consumer demand that can vary due to seasonality, our products do sell out from time to time. We apologize for the inconvenience and work to restock the products as quickly as possible. If you contact customer service, we can always recommend like products or the same flavors in other forms.

Thank you for partnering with FRS. We would be happy to update our store locator. Please email customer service at with the following information: Store Name, Address, Phone, Products (including flavors) carried. We update this list periodically and will update it as soon as we can so we appreciate your patience until our next update.

Due to consumer demand that can vary due to seasonality, our products do sell out from time to time. We apologize for the inconvenience and work to restock the products as quickly as possible.If you contact customer service, we can always recommend like products or the same flavors in other forms.

Orders totaling $50.00 or more (after discount, pre-tax) ship for free unless you choose a faster shipping method. Items ordered as part of the VIP Autoship (20% discount) will ship for free on subscriptions over $50. The Discovery Pack ships for free if you choose SmartPost shipping. Items typically ship within 48 business hours of order placement but please allow up to 7-10 business days to receive your order when choosing SmartPost. FedEx options including SmartPost are used for all shipments. We ship within the United States only.

If the cap was broken prior to opening we do not recommend consuming the product.

Please contact Customer Service at 1-877-FRS-4YOU (1-877-377-4968) or by email at, Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm PST.

All of our bottles are BPA free.

This can happen from time to time and is an exception. However, we do not recommend consuming the product if the wrapper appears to have been opened or tampered.

All our cans and bottles are recyclable. All of the bottles (2 oz, 12 oz and 32 oz) are PET and are fully recyclable and carry the number "1" in the middle of the recycle triangle.

Not every state has a redemption program. FRS bottles or cans are in compliance with state redemption requirements. Check the bottle or can to see if your state is mentioned or with your state or local recycling center to determine if the bottles or cans are redeemable.

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